Get the Facts about Reverse Mortgages

Today, many services and benefits available to homeowners are heavily advertised online and on television and are often used as ‘bait’ to sell other products and services. However, since many of these services are government programs, for Reverse Mortgages, consumers considering them should always start directly at the source: and search ‘reverse mortgage’.

Why Interest Rates Don’t Matter

Over the past decade, the 30-year mortgage interest rate has hit and hovered at the lowest rates in history, with the lowest monthly average posting at only 3.31 percent. The days of three percent mortgages have probably gone forever but while current rates hover in the mid-four percent range, and even as they climb in the coming years up to six percent, savvy investors will be buying homes.

Keeping Your Indoor Environment Cleaner and More Comfortable

Californians choose their home based on location, floor plan, price and size. All of these items, regardless of which is the top of the list and which is at the bottom, can boil down to comfort. We need the right neighborhood, layout, payment, and space in order to be comfortable in our home. Please notice that a major component of the comfort equation was left completely off the list above, which is the environmental comfort of our home.

Bringing the American Dream of Homeownership to Veterans

As Americans, we should all be thankful for those that serve in our armed forces and we should take great pride in the work they do, supporting them however we can. In the Baldy View region, we have paid tribute to and laid to rest many fallen heroes, including the first California soldier to die fighting in World War One – Ralph T. Kingery, who lived in Ontario when he was entered the service in 1917. When his body returned home, Ontario honored him with a full military funeral and a shutdown of the entire city on the day of his services.