County of San Bernardino Implements New Early Utilities Release Program


BIA Baldy View has been working with the County Land Use Services Department on an application for Early Release of Utilities. Early Utility Release is a process that allows home builders and developers to test utilities for new construction, prior to final building inspection. This streamlining process provides a means for builders and developers to expedite occupancy by bypassing the pre-occupancy wait time of up to eight weeks for the installation of utility meter following final inspection. Ultimately allowing builders to deliver new homes to the homebuyers in a timely manner.

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City of Victorville Adopts Lien In-Lieu of Bonding Policy


Over the past several months, the BIA Baldy View Chapter (BIA) has been working with the City of Victorville on a new policy that creates a mechanism for the City to accept a lien agreement as securities for subdivision improvements. The lien agreement policy, Ordinance No. 2365, was adopted by the City Council in a vote of 4 to 1 on May 2, 2017.

Developers and home builders in Victorville will now have the option to secure subdivision improvements with a lien agreement, traditional bonding or a combination of both. This will significantly reduce the financial burden and carrying cost of new development in the City.

Working collaboratively with Victorville on this business-friendly policy is another example of the commitment by BIA Baldy View Government Affairs team to:

  • Advocate for a balanced approach to fees related to development and zoning regulations
  • Pursue efficiency and best recommended practice improvements with utilities, planning, and engineering departments