CBIA Finds Election Success with Passage of Proposition 51 and Other Races


After years of work by our industry and members, CBIA is thrilled to announce that Proposition 51 passed on November 8th. Securing this statewide school bond will allow California's highly successful school facilities funding program to contribute providing critically needed support to local communities. 

Currently, Proposition 51 is holding steady with 54% of the vote in support as outstanding ballots continue to be counted. This is a huge win for our industry, education in California and home affordability. This victory is a result of the tremendous financial support of so many of our CBIA member companies.

On top of passing Proposition 51, the 2016 General Election was an overall success for CBIA supported legislative candidates as well. Of the 25 open or competitive state legislative races CBIA played a role in, 20 of the CBIA supported candidates won.

Additionally, Proposition 53, which CBIA took an oppose position earlier this year is currently failing with only 48.5% of the vote in support.

While there are still a few races that are too close to call, this election has been a huge success for CBIA, our members and industry supported efforts and candidates.

Thank you for your continued support to CBIA’s political endeavors. We’re already gearing up for a busy 2018 election cycle!

Article source: http://www.cbia.org/cbia-reports/cbia-finds-election-success-with-passage-of-proposition-51-and-other-races