NPHS launches new Sojourner Solar Loan Program


Affordable Solar!

BIA Member, Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services (NPHS) has just launched a new solar panel purchasing and financing program aimed at helping low to middle-income families. 



Sojourner offers homeowners a friendly, easy to understand, and more importantly, affordable process to own a solar panel system. Sojourner makes it easy and simple to go solar with a one stop-shop and full turn-key service. The program helps eligible homeowners purchase a solar system and reap all the economic benefits of owning a solar panel system, including any available federal and state income tax credits and incentives. Compared to for-profit solar programs currently offered by the retail market, Sojourner is not a power purchasing agreement or a leasing option. If you go Solar with NPHS, you own the solar panel system and all credits and benefits will go to you.

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