Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) Tour

BITA Tour.jpg

On Friday, May 6th, BIABV hosted a tour of three school locations in Orange County that have incorporated the Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) curriculum in the North Orange County ROP (Regional Occupational Programs).  The BITA program was created by the California Homebuilding Foundation and is a multi-year high school construction program.  BITA exposes students to the art of residential construction, while motivating them to continue to pursue further educational goals.  Joining BIABV staff on the tour was Dan Leigh (Corman Leigh Communities), Dan Flores (Colton Joint Unified School District Board Member), Kit Alvarez (San Bernardino County ROP Administrator), Jill Herman (BITA Program Director) and Julie Dentler (North Orange County ROP).  Over the coming months we will work with our three local ROPs with the intention of bringing the BITA program to San Bernardino County. 


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