Building Industry Association Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for New Water Projects in San Bernardino County



May 8, 2018

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As the County’s Population Increases and Climate Change Impacts Anticipate Longer Periods of Drought, New Sustainable Water Sources will be Key to Region’s Economic Success

Rancho Cucamonga, CA: San Bernardino County residents heavily support new water projects to meet existing and future water needs according to a recently released survey sponsored by the Building Industry Association Southern California Baldy View Chapter (BIA) in Rancho Cucamonga.

“The BIA sponsored this survey in an effort to scientifically determine the concerns of San Bernardino County residents on water issues,” stated Carlos Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer of the BIA Baldy View Chapter. “Water has become a paramount concern as the BIA attempts to address San Bernardino County’s estimated housing shortage of 65,000 units and residents in our communities expect us not only to conserve water but also procure enough water resources to support our ongoing housing needs.”

Southern California has always depended on imported water from the Sacramento Delta, the Colorado River and naturally recharging underground aquifers as the Los Angeles region dramatically grew from the 1950’s to the present. While San Bernardino County residents support conservation efforts, they also strongly believe that new, locally controlled water sources are a key part of the solution to water shortages, by margins of more than 80 percent in some instances.

The survey also tested resident opinion on the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery, and Storage project in the county’s Mojave Desert - one of the only local projects in the County that has already been permitted by the County - and found overall support for the project at more than 70 percent.

“Clearly, San Bernardino County residents understand the need for and support new water supplies like the Cadiz Water Project to meet existing and future demand for water in our region,” continued Rodriguez. “They also insist on Sacramento politicians keeping their noses out of local water use decisions and support locally-controlled and managed projects like Cadiz that have gone through rigorous environmental reviews and been approved by county elected leaders.”

The survey, which assessed more than 520 county resident’s responses, included questions on conservation measures, development of new storage, use of underground water supplies for consumption and water banking, and water recycling. The survey was conducted via email, by NAG Campaigns on behalf of BIA Baldy View and California Water News Daily and has a margin of error of 3.6%.