City of Victorville Adopts Lien In-Lieu of Bonding Policy


Over the past several months, the BIA Baldy View Chapter (BIA) has been working with the City of Victorville on a new policy that creates a mechanism for the City to accept a lien agreement as securities for subdivision improvements. The lien agreement policy, Ordinance No. 2365, was adopted by the City Council in a vote of 4 to 1 on May 2, 2017.

Developers and home builders in Victorville will now have the option to secure subdivision improvements with a lien agreement, traditional bonding or a combination of both. This will significantly reduce the financial burden and carrying cost of new development in the City.

Working collaboratively with Victorville on this business-friendly policy is another example of the commitment by BIA Baldy View Government Affairs team to:

  • Advocate for a balanced approach to fees related to development and zoning regulations
  • Pursue efficiency and best recommended practice improvements with utilities, planning, and engineering departments