Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) had arrived in San Bernardino County. BITA is a four-year high school construction trades training program promoted by the California Homebuilding Foundation at no cost to California school districts offering the program. The curriculum is aimed at producing skilled professionals who will be qualified and confident to enter the workforce. 

BITA students receive foundation skills on safety, communication, interpersonal relations, ethics, problem solving, and flexibility, along with core academic subjects, including math, language arts, history and science.


In 2017 Upland High School (Upland, CA) and Los Oso High School (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) will start first year students on a career pathway into the homebuilding industry. There are 7 well-paying jobs being created for every new home being constructed in San Bernardino County. Our County’s severe housing shortage (an estimated deficit of 65,000 homes by 2019) can only be overcome with a strong skilled workforce, ready to build the next generation of homes for our region’s growing population.

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